Ending visit in Colorado

We had a great two-month stay in Colorado.  Had lots of meals with our son and his family – Sean, Carlie, Connor and Camille.  Also, had many meals with our daughter and her family – Nicole, Harley and Kai.  We celebrated Sean/Carlie birthday, Kai’s birthday and Camille’s birthday.

During our stay we went out to eat with our LD friends – Ed and Carol.  Then we went out to dinner with our previous neighbors – Karen and Pete.  We also had dinner with our realtor and his wife – Don and Linda.

John had cataracts in both eyes repaired and he is seeing great without glasses.  Sadie got to get groomed twice at her favorite groomer, Cheryl.


Our summer in Colorado was very busy, but we enjoyed staying at Cherry Creek State Park (4 weeks), St. Vrain State Park (2 weeks), Chatfield State Park (2 weeks) and Dakota Ridge RV Park (3 days),

These were from Cherry Creek State Park – our favorite of the ones we stayed at.

We are now heading into WY so that will be my next post.


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