Back to Texas

Well, our trip to the Natchez Trace Trail was cancelled.  When we were in LA there was a huge downpour and we had two leaks in the Foretravel.  So back to Motorhomes of Texas, in Nacogdoches, on Thursday.  They got us in early Friday morning, found the problem, fixed it and then had us stay for the weekend, when it was supposed to rain, to see if it was fixed.  IT WAS!!!! Finally we are on the road, but not where we were planning on going.  It was a good thing, after all, because of the rain in LA and MS was horrible – lots of flooding.

After leaving Nacogdoches we stayed at Lake Fairfield State Park.  This is a really nice Texas State Park, way off the road (3 1/2 miles from the entry gate).  We stayed here one night.

From there we headed back to North Crest RV Park in Waco.  John really liked this place from when we stayed there a month ago.  So we decided to stay 2 nights, in the same spot we stayed in before.

After we left Waco we went to Lake Brownwood State Park, in Brownwood, TX.  This was a very nice campground, right on a huge lake.  We decided to stay 4 days here, but the weather wasn’t the best.  We even had a tornado warning!!!  Did not hit here, but did damage close by in Ballinger.

From Lake Brownwood we decided to travel more southerly because of imminent storms and tornados coming.  We planned to stay in Midland, Texas, but called and went by three campgrounds and they had no availability.  So decided to go on the Odessa and I called one of the two campgrounds here and they had one pull through site available for one night  – $65!!!!!  We have never paid that much for a campground but we were desperate.  Oh well, we stayed at Motorhomes of Texas for a total of 30 days and that was all free.

Plan to head into New Mexico tomorrow so will update again in a few days.