Traveling 395 South

After leaving Hermiston we traveled South to John Day, Oregon.  We wanted to stay at Clyde Holiday Recreation Area, but when driving through found there were no available sites.  So we went on to Grant County Fairgrounds.  We stayed two nights here, as it was very quiet and had good electricity and cell service.

Next on our travels South on 395 we came to Lakeview, Oregon.  We checked the Fairgrounds here and they were less than desirable.  Then looked at a Passport America park, but it was way out of our way.  So we decided to stay at Base Camp RV Park.  This had only an adequate 30 amp and weak Verizon cell service.

Continuing South on 395 we came to Goose Lake State Park,  which is on Goose Lake which is on the border of California and Oregon.  This was a neat park, but had only 20 amp electric service – thank goodness it wasn’t hot – and a fellow RVer loaned  us a 20 amp connection for 30 amp

On May 28, 1969 the Oregon State Highway Commission directed that a plaque be placed within Goose Lake State Recreation Area to recognize the late C. W. “Jim” Ogle, Lake County Judge whose personal efforts were so instrumental in securing the land for this beautiful park.

This campground had lots of big trees, including a quaking aspen in picture 2.  In fact, John and Sadie walked under one of these trees and they both got stung by a bee.  Thank goodness neither had any adverse reaction.  The Hosts at this park told us about a neat campground in Likely, California, so that’s where we headed next.

Traveling down South on 395 we came to Likely, CA,  below Alturas. The Likely Golf and RV Park was located here.  This was a very nice campground, quite a ways off the highway.  It had a 18 hole golf course and lots of RV parking.  They gave us a map showing a one mile nature trail and John and I took it.

This place had a little coffee shop for the golfers and we ate breakfast there which was very good.  The campground was very serene and quiet, but had a weak 30 amp service and very weak Verizon.  We would definitely stay here again, however.

After leaving this campground we continued South on 395 to Susanville, California.  We chose to stay at Susanville RV Park for three nights.  We had stayed here years ago when it was Passport America, but have always liked the area so stayed here again.  We went into town and had an Impossible Whopper at Burger King for one dinner.  Then we went to the Courthouse Cafe for breakfast and John said he had the best omelette he has ever had.

Look for my next post as we travel through the  Reno area.

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