Still in Colorado

After leaving Salida we traveled to Canon City and stayed one night at Royal View & Royal Gorge campground.  It was a very clean, nice campground and with a short uphill walk to see a view of the Royal Gorge Bridge.

We then traveled to Elizabeth, CO, and stayed one night at Casey Jones City Park.  This is a rustic campground, but has full hookups.  We had to stay here because our reservation at Cherry Creek State Park didn’t start until the next day.

The Colorado State Parks are all reservation now so I made my reservations six months ago.  This is one of our favorite State Parks because of the grass, closeness to the water and very clean sites.  While here we have seen lots of our kids and grandkids.  We have had dinner several times at each of the houses and have taken Camille and Kai out for their birthdays, which I didn’t get to do last year because of breaking my hip.


I even figured how to cook bacon in my Air Fryer outside so no smell or smoke was in the motorhome.


We will be staying here 2 weeks before heading to our next reservation – St. Vrain State Park in Firestone, CO.


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