Nacogdoches and Louisiana

After Xtreme, we went back to Motorhomes of Texas to fix a leak in the slide where they fixed the bladder.  That just took a couple of hours and then we headed across Louisiana, towards Natchez, Mississippi.  We had several people tell us about a campground right on the Mississippi River, and so we decided to try it.

This is a beautiful campground, where we can watch barges go up the great Mississippi River.  The ladies that checked us in were wonderful.  We came figuring we would stay one night and have decided to stay a second night.

The bridge you see in the distance is the one we will take to get to Natchez, Mississippi when we finally leave here.  From there we will take the Natchez Trace Trail through three states – Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee.

As I was sitting here writing this, John came to the door and told me to bring my phone.  This is what he wanted me to see.

My next post will be when we are on the Natchez Trace Trail.


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