Xtreme Paint and Graphics

We left Motorhomes of Texas on Monday and drove to Xtreme Paint and Graphics, which is still in Nacogdoches.  We had a place on our bedroom slide that was delaminating so went there to get it fixed.  Here is a picture of the first step – start filling with fiberglass.

The next step is to cover the new fiberglass with primer.

IMG_0813After this prep they wrap the whole area with plastic and start the paint process, which is many steps.

IMG_0815We had intended to be here in Nacogdoches for one week but when we had to get this area fixed so the week led into two weeks and we hope to leave after this weekend.

Xtreme Paint and Graphics works hand in hand with Foretravel and Motorhomes of Texas.  It is an amazing paint shop that takes so much time on each job.

The painter finished his cutting in and painting on Thursday evening.  We then spent the night in the paint building.  The next morning the painter buffed out the area and the slide was a perfect match in design and color.  I can’t say enough about the quality of work done by these guys.  They work on all kinds of motor vehicles, from repairs to full repaint.  Right now they have a King Aire and the owner wants their trailer painted just like the King Aire.

Now we are back at Motorhomes of Texas to have them check a small leak and with any luck we will be heading through Louisiana on Monday, towards Natchez Trace Trail.


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