Travels through Texas

Leaving Junction we traveled through Eden and Brady on our way to Llano.  Basically we are following the Hill Country Trail.  In Llano we stayed at the Riverway RV Park for 4 days and drove around the area, also to Marble Falls, Georgetown,  and Kingsland .  Driving around we saw the beautiful wildflowers all along the roads.

IMG_0752When in Llano we ate at Inman Barbeque, which is famous for the turkey sausage.  Several nights later we ate at Coopers Barbeque, where we had eaten 10 years ago when we traveled the Barbeque Trail in Texas.

From Llano we headed to Black Rock Park, on Lake Buchanan.  This was another scenic, quiet park.  We stayed there 2 nights.  Again we drove around the the other side of Lake Buchanan.

From Lake Buchanan, we traveled to Blanco State Park, in Blanco, Texas.  This is a very nice park, with lots of trees.  We stayed there 2 nights.  Then, because on weekends it is impossible to find a campsite, we went back to Llano and the Riverway RV Park.  They had a cancellation so we were able to stay there Friday and Saturday nights.

The next morning we left for Kerrville, where we are staying at the Kerrville-Schreiner City Park for 3 days.  I will post pictures on my next blog entry.


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