Rest of Story after Cherry Creek

There have been no more postings from CO campgrounds because I fell onto a cement floor and broke my hip on June 21.  John took me to the Emergency Room at Sky Ridge Hospital in Lone Tree where it was determined I had in deed broken my hip.  I had complete hip replacement (new titanium ball and socket) on June 22 and was released from the hospital on June 25.  We moved over to St. Vrain State Park on that day.   I had a great surgeon and started Physical Therapy that week.  I came out of hospital with a walker, after the second PT they moved me to a cane and after the 3rd PT moved me off the cane.  It is amazing how fast they get you back walking after this surgery.   The PT sent me home with 4 pages of exercises to be done daily.   The surgeon didn’t want  me traveling to WA as originally planned because of too long days of driving and he worried about clots.  So after our 10-day stay at St. Vrain we moved to Chatfield State Park for another 7 days.

We left Chatfield on Friday, July 13, and started our slow trek back to Jojoba.  We only drove 200 miles a day and had to stop every hour for me to walk around.  We arrived back at Jojoba on Saturday, July 21.

This will be the last post until we start our travels again in May.