Lake Livingston Onalaska KOA

We left Huntsville this morning (Mother’s Day) and drove down the 19 to 190, across Lake Livingston to this campground.

IMG_0335When we arrived at the KOA it had great views of Lake Livingston, but the sites and roads were a little narrow.  The place was jam packed when we arrived, because it’s Mother’s Day.  After lunch many of the locals left and it became less crowded.

John took me to dinner for Mother’s Day, to the Farm House Restaurant.  It is on KOA property and right on the lake.  He had chicken fried steak and I had Chicken Juarez, both excellent.  We were seated outside so watched people water ski and jet ski.  For dessert we split a piece of pecan chocolate chip homemade pie and it was beyond excellent.  With calls and gifts from kids and grandkids, and dinner last night and today, this has been a fabulous Mother’s Day.

Tuesday we will head to Livingston to pick up our mail and see the place, and then on to Nacogdouches to have some work done on our rig.

So far this has been a great trip, and lots more to come.

1 thought on “Lake Livingston Onalaska KOA

  1. Hope your engine light is nothing. Thanks for the updates on travels. People are thinning out here at Jojoba. Weather is nice.

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