Heading on through Texas

Well, the Cummings Repair Shop couldn’t find anything wrong with the engine; in fact, they said it engine looked great.  Said it could be fan solenoid and we should have it checked when we get to Motorhomes of Texas.

So, from Santa Fe we drove to Alice, Texas to a Passport America RV park that looked great.  But, it had no pullthru sites so we didn’t stay.  There was only one other place in town – WalMart.  So, we stayed there.  It was really quiet, until 2:30 am when two trucks started loaded stuff from one to the other.  Very loud and disturbing.  When they finished we went back to sleep and again it was very quiet.

The next day we drove to Brownsville, Texas and stayed at another Passport America park, Winter Haven Resot.  This place was really nice – permanent home for some stick houses, park models and motorhome garages.  It was so nice and quiet we decided to stay 3 nights.  We drove into Brownsville, to South Padre Island, and to Bosa Chica Beach.

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