With heavy heart we left the Escapade

We left the Escapade on 7/31/15 and had to make a beeline back to CO.  Our niece, Allison, and her husband Seth, were riding in a 78 mile bike ride and we wanted to be there to support her.

We left Essex Junction, and our first night’s stop was at Cayuga Lake State Park, in Seneca Falls, NY.  Very humid so we needed hookups, and got them for $28.75.

Continuing down the road the next night was Gotta Getaway RV Park in Bellevue, Ohio.  Again very humid so had to have hookups and this was a Passport America Park for $19.00.  Very nice.

Hitting the road the next morning we continued on the 80 towards Colorado  We stayed this night at Hollywood Casino in Joliet, Illinois.  A little more expensive than some we have stayed at, but it was full hookups and they had a great breakfast for free.  Price was $36.

Staying on the 80W, we spent the next night at Winterset City Park, in Winterset, Iowa. This place had a claim to fame by being the birth place of John Wayne.  They had a museum and you could drive by his house on John Wayne Blvd.  Another famous thing about this place was it’s where the bridge from Bridges of Madison County is located; also the coffee shop visited by the leads in the movie.

The last night on the 80 was spent at I80 Lakeside Campground in North Platte, NE.  This is another PA campground and is very nice and a deal at $13.68.

From the I80 W, we took the 76 SW towards Denver.  We stopped in Idaho Springs for great pizza at Beaujos and then continued to the NFS campground called Peak One, outside Frisco.  One of the 100 Best and All the Rest Campgrounds in Colorado

We met our niece and her family, my sister and her husband, and our daughter and her family to support Allison and Seth.  The finished the 80 miles in 6 hours and we were all very proud of them

Here at the details of our 7 week trip – miles driven 5821;  we never paid over $2.00 for a gallon of gas;  and all but two campgrounds were less than $20.  We traveled through NE, SD, ND, MN, Ontario (Canada), MI, NY, VT, OH, IN, IL – quite a trip.

This will be the last post for a while.


Escapade – Essex Junction, VT

After staying 2 more nights at Elmore State Park, we headed out on the 12 to the 15 to Morrisville to do grocery shopping and laundry. Our next nightly stop was at Lake Carmi State Park. We wanted to be close enough to the Escapade to go in early the next morning. This park had beautiful scenery, nice sites, and was very quiet. The only downside was the AT&T cell service was almost non existent and our cell booster had died so we had no service for the 2 days we were there.

The next morning we headed to Essex Junction, VT, for the 56th Escapade. We had to arrive early because we volunteered to be on the Parking Staff. There were very few rigs when we showed up but as the days went on more rolled in.

We had so much fun at the Escapade. The first 4 days we were busy getting all the rigs parked– 748 in total including those for Boot Camp and latecomers. On Sunday, July 21, the Escapade began with the Opening Ceremonies. We were finished with our parking duties on that day. That night we had a great show by Jimmy Travis, a singer-comedian who is funny, creative, spontaneous and energetic.



We went to several of the seminars, but there were way too many to get to all of them. We went to Smartphones/Tablets for Travelers, Detailing the Outside of Your Rig in One Hour, Never Get on Your Roof Again, Reasons to Own an RV GPS, Wash & Wax w/o Water or Ladder, Oh, Honey – Tell Me Where to Go, Born Under a Wandering Star: the Peterson Story, What to do with all those photos, and Travel with a Purpose – HFH.   We learned a lot and had a great time.

On Monday I was thrilled and honored to meet and visit with Kay Peterson. She and her deceased husband , Joe, started the Escapees many years ago.


 That night we had another great entertainment – the Marlins. These are 4 brothers who sing all kinds of genres of music and play instruments. They were very entertaining. In one part of the show they played each song for Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Air Force and had those servicemen stand up for their song.  In 2012 their original song, “I Believe in America, was included in the 911 Memorial in NYC.


One more night of entertainment was the Ham-O-Rama, which was a talent show and lots of fun.

On Thursday, Zoe Caires and I competed in the Chili Cook-up with my Portabello Mushroom Chili.  Zoe decorated the table, I served the chili and John Leach and Grant Keefer (from Jojoba) shook the  marimbas to draw people.  All money donated went to Care, which is the care facility at the Escapees in Livingston, Texas.  The total donated was counted and decided first, second and third.  Zoe and I won third  which paid $50.  We were thrilled.

The Escapade ended on Thursday, July 28, with a Closing Ceremony. Announcements were made – including announcing 57th Escapade will be in Tucson AZ in 2017.

The next day I went on the Maple Syrup, Basin Harbor and Lake Champlain HOP. We visited Dakin Farms, which is famous for meat, cheese and maple syrup.


Then we had a great buffet lunch and boat ride on Lake Champlain.

Our next stop was the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum with all kinds of information about Lake Champlain. The picture with the horse is the method used to make a bridge for the Underground Railway, which transported slaves.

Our final stop before heading back to the Escapade parking was at Goodie’s Ice Cream and was it ever good – soft serve or hard you got a huge ice cream cone or bowl.

The next day John went on the Granite Quarry, Apple Cider and Ice Cream HOP.

Sunday we started towards home having been gone 6 weeks.