New York to Vermont

Here in VT we are going through some really old towns – Randolph 1781, Northfield 1781. We drove through Montpelier (capital of VT) and Barre, on our way to our next campground, which is a Passport America entry. It is called Onion River Campground, and very unusual. Out in the middle of a grass field, but it did have hookups. The owner is also a chocolatier at her own store called Nutty Stephs. She brought us one of her bars and it was wonderful. So on our way to our next stop, we went into her store and I bought some of the bars (you see a picture) and her famous granola.

Continuing through Vermont, which is a beautiful state, we headed to our next stop – Elmore State Park. On our way we drove through Stowe, VT, and what a neat place.. Elmore State Park has a huge lake and nice size spots with good spacing.

We reserved 2 nights (and when we called for a reservation, they said they were sold out but while we were on the phone they had a cancellation). One thing we have found in NY and VT, it is almost impossible to find a place to stay on the weekend.

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