Into Canada we go. And then back into the good, old USA!!

We entered Canada through Minnesota and had the quickest border crossing we have ever had. We spent the night at the Thunder Bay, Ontario, WalMart. We got there early, thank goodness, because lots more rigs came in after us. We were able to use the Staples and WalMart Guest wifi, but neither were very good.

We got back on the 11/17 heading East. It was a very scenic drive and nice roads. We stopped for the night in White River, Ontario, at a City Park.  Next to the Tourist Information Booth and behind an Esso Gas Station and it was very quiet, we thought. Since it was Canada Day, the locals began shooting off bottle rockets and continued until very late. But it was free, so what can you do..

Continuing on the 17 to Sault Ste. Marie , where we came back into the US, and we spent the night at Kewadin Casino in Saint Ignace. It was very quiet, and we enjoyed a dessert, soup and salad buffet at the casino.

The next day we crossed the Mackinac Island Bridge, which is a suspension bridge spanning the Straits of Mackinac to connect the Upper and Lower peninsula of Michigan.   It is the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere and totals a length of 26, 372’ and was amazing. There was a really cool building after we crossed the bridge.

We traveled along the coast of Lake Huron. Plans were to stay at Alpena Boat Harbor, from Days End, but didn’t feel comfortable there. So we drove on to another DE campground called Ossineke State Forrest. It was only $13 a night, with no hookups and lots of trees. It was a horrible place on the 4th of July weekend because people in the park started setting off bottle rockets on the 3rd.. and continued until after midnight. Even though the campground was way outside of town, cars drove back and forth by our campsite all night. Next year I’m staying home over the 4th!!!!!

Our friends, John and Zoe Caires, are going to the same Escapade we are and they were getting close so we decided to meet up at the Bay City State Recreation area. It was a really nice campground, that did not allow fireworks. It cost $23 for full hookups but you had to pay a $9 recreation fee. We did laundry in Bay City, shopped at WalMart and went to Starbucks. Now we were ready to hit the road.

The next day we headed along the Saginaw Bay, towards Port Huron. We had to enter Ontario again and after we passed through Customs we went to the OLG Casino in Point Edwards to spend the night. We found it on Days End, and it was a really nice casino. Lots of parking room and very quiet.  They offered a $5 voucher for the casino, when signing up for a players card.

We got up early the next morning and headed towards Niagara Falls since we were told to enter from the Canadian side because it was much prettier. I have to say the people that told us that were right. It was so crowded with tourists, we couldn’t stop but I did get great pictures.

Thank goodness we are back in the USA. Today we were driving along the coast of Lake Ontario in Upper State New York. We found a really nice campground called Golden Hills State Park, and decided to spend the night. Right on the coast of Lake Ontario. You can even see John and Sadie checking out the lake.




1 thought on “Into Canada we go. And then back into the good, old USA!!

  1. First long camping trip we ever made was to Niagara Falls in a VW Beetle with a 3 and 5 year old and in a tent. We also went to Watkins Glen and it was very cold both places in August. Happy trails!

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