Beautiful drive

From the Split Rock Lighthouse we traveled on the North Shore Drive (61) to Gooseberry Falls State Park.. The campground is really nice – big spots, nice showers, but no hookups. We hiked to Gooseberry Falls, which were amazing.

Traveling again along the 61 we stayed the next night at Cascade River State Park. Again we hiked to great falls.

On our way to our next campground, we stopped in Grand Marais at Hughie’s Taco House. They homemade flour tortillas that they fried to make like Indian Fry Bread. John had a pork taco and I had a fish taco. Here is the view where we sat and ate lunch. After lunch we treated ourselves with an ice cream cone from DQ.

Our final reservation park along the 61 was Judge CR Magney State Park. Nice park with no hookups; pretty good space between spots, but very few RVs, mostly trailers. But we heard of a great waterfall, so John, Sadie and I took off. Little did we know that it would be a mile both directions and 169 downhill stairs (which we had to go back up). But the falls were worth it. They are called Devil’s Kettle, a famous falls where half the river drops 50 feet and the other half disappears into a huge pothole.

Traveling the 61, aka The North Shore Drive, is very picturesque. Lots of wildflowers like these.

IMG_4907Our last night in MN we are staying at Grand Portage Casino. Great view site with full hookups for $32 a night. We found this on Day’s End. We wanted to stay one last night to get banking done online because when we enter Canada tomorrow, we won’t have cell service or internet unless we find a Starbucks or Library. So there will be no more posts for a couple weeks.


3 thoughts on “Beautiful drive

  1. I came across NOVA tonight and there was a story about how the Gooseberry Falls formed from a giant volcano. Really a pretty place. Looks like you’re having a good trip.

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