On the Road Again

Well, it’s time to start my blog again. Over the past year we have just been going from CO to CA and back again. But now we are starting on a trip East and will catch you up on our travels.

We left CO on June 16, 2016, and our first stop was at Simon Fletcher’s Grid-Iron Gill and BBQ, in Ft. Morgan, CO. Simon Fletcher is a retired Denver Bronco player who holds the record for the most sacks. This year he was voted into the Ring of Fame.   We enjoyed a great barbeque lunch with him, and heard some about his years with the Broncos.

IMG_1483 IMG_1484

On the CO-NE border we stayed in North Platte, at a Passport America cg called I80 Lakeside Campground. It was right on the river, with large spots, and was only $13.56, with full hookups.

IMG_4805 (1)

IMG_4806 (1)

We continued on Hwy. 83 through NE and then into SD. The road through NE was very scenic and a nice drive; into SD the road was wash board, but still scenic. We spent the night in Ft. Pierre, SD, at Fischers Lilly Park Campground. We got the last of 12 full hookup sites for $10.00. We found this place on Day’s End. It was a very interesting place; all spots seem to be people living there for the season.

IMG_4808 (1)

IMG_4809 (1) IMG_4810 (1)

Continuing on into North Dakota, on the 24, it was a nice and scenic road. We tried 2 campgrounds along this route and they were completely full so we ended up at the Cenex Travel Center in Sterling, ND. We again found this on Day’s End.. They had two electric hookup sites behind the gas station and they only charge $5 – what a deal.   Not much, but quiet and peaceful since it was set quite a ways back from the station.

We continued driving through ND and got on Hwy. 19 East to Grahams Island State Park. We decided to spend 2 nights here because it was really nice. It was a little pricey because you have to pay a vehicle fee of $5 in addition to the camping fee. So for the 2 days we paid $55, but it did include full hookups.

IMG_4811 (1) IMG_4812 (1) IMG_4813 (1)


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