Continuing our trek East

We left the campground the next day and headed up the 19 and then East on the 2. Stopped in Grand Forks, ND to do laundry and get lunch at Panera Bread.   Then we continued on the 2 to Itasca State Park This being another State Park we had to pay the $5 daily fee on top of the camping.

While staying there we visited the Headwaters of the Mississippi River.


From Itasca State Park we headed to Bemidji State Park, but along the way stopped in Bemidji to visit Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox. At the park where the statues are, there were 125 bicyclists on a Tour of Minnesota 300 mile ride.

We liked Bemidji State Park better than Itasca, less crowded and spaced out better. Again we had to pay the $5 fee, but I got wise this time and bought the annual pass which was only $25. Since we are staying at least 5 more times at State Parks, it was worth it.



We continued on the 2 into MN and spent the night at Pokegama Dam cg, which is a Corps of Engineers cg so with Old Folks Pass the price is $13. We booked for 2 nights and were enjoying it.

Unfortunately on the second day someone pulled in next to us with a yippey dog that barked all the time and they did nothing to shut it up. So we left and went on to Itasca County Fairgrounds.   You parked on a big lawn area and it was $25 with no hookups and $30 with 30 amp hookups.

On the last picture you can see John on top of the rig checking out the Dish Satellite.  He found it was missing 2 screws so he is up there fixing it.

We traveled on the 2 to the 61 to Two Harbors. On Day’s End we found a city park called Paul Van Hoven Park. It is free and there is lots to see around here. There is the Edna G. tugboat, a metal structure that in the old days transferred tactinite to ships, a railroad and other things.

Edna G. Tugboat, Lighthouse, Train Station, Taconite loading metal structure and our camping spot.

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