Final Destinations – Colorado

Oops, I forgot to put in the pictures of Wagonhammer RV Park from last post. So, here they are.

IMG_4638 IMG_4639 IMG_4640 IMG_4641

From this campground we headed on the 93 South. It was a very scenic drive and a nice road, too. Over the years we have attempted to take the road through Sun Valley and Ketchum, ID, but weather always stopped us. So this time we took the 75 towards Ketchum. There were lots of NFS & BLM campgrounds along this river. Sun Valley and Ketchum were really touristy

We continued on the 75 to the 20 to the 93 towards Craters of the Moon . We have passed this campground many times but never stayed, so this time it wasn’t too hot and decided to try it. There are no hookups, but with the Pass you get into the Park and get to stay for $5. The place was really crowded but we got a nice spot and it was quiet.

IMG_4642 IMG_4643



Back on the road we headed on the US 20 E towards Idaho Falls. We stayed at the Elks, which was a really empty place. There was only 1 car in the parking lot, which belonged to the bartender. The site had electricity, for $15 donation, and only one other rig came in. The best part is it was only a 2 minute walk to the best Mexican Restaurant we have ever been to – Marenita’s.

Our next destination was Gros Ventre CG so we decided to try going over the Teton Pass. One person said don’t do it, it’s horrible, and another said it wasn’t so bad. Since we weren’t towing we decided to try it. John said he definitely wouldn’t do it towing – a 5- mile 10% grade. And, there was a bicycle race so there were hundreds of bicycle riders going up from the Jackson side and going down the other side.

When we got to Gros Ventre, there were 4 other Lazy Daze rigs there. We got into Site 96, which was just across from our friend, Ken. While we were there 2 more Lazy Daze came in. We stayed 3 days and then headed out on the 89 and then 189 E towards Pinedale, WY.

A couple who we were friends with in Kauai now live in CA and are building a second home in Pinedale. We stopped in to visit Tom and Jeanne, and their wonderful daughter, Paige. It was good catching up with them.

Leaving Pinedale we headed on the 191 towards Rock Springs, where they have a Cafe Rio (a great fast food Mexican restaurant) and a Starbucks. We took advantage of both before heading on to Fireman’s Memorial at Flaming Gorge.  We have stayed here many times because it is a good stopping place between Gros Ventre and Colorado.

We had intended to stay at Chambers Lake, where we have stayed many times. But it was kind of cold, and it’s at 8000 plus elevation so decided to skip it this trip. Instead we stayed at Cowdrey Lake, the place we stayed on our first night out heading on this trip. We were the only ones here until late in the evening and then 2 motorcyclists came in. It is free, and has great views.

IMG_4646 IMG_4648



We continued on the 14 towards Ft. Collins, and then on the 25 South to Longmont to pick up our car. We really thank Ed and Carol (and Gopher) for keeping our car while we were gone.   From Ed and Carols we headed to the Elks in Westminster, CO. This is where we were staying before heading to Alaska. It is much more crowded and we got the last electric site but it’s down in the parking lot. We don’t mind it because it’s not crowded like the other spots. We will probably be here until the end of October when our new house is supposed to be finished.


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