Heading back to Colorado

After we crossed back into the US we headed South on the 9 and then East on the 20 to Baker Lake, where our friend Jim is hosting. These roads were very nice through farmlands with fresh fruits and vegetable available roadside

Jim is hosting at Panorama Point and he had held a site for the Caires and us. Here is where we again met up with Melinda. We shared a double site with John/Zoe and it was right on the lake. It is a nice campground in beautiful scenery. Not very good cell or internet, and too many trees for satellite. It was fun visiting with Jim. He works very hard but is enjoying the job.

IMG_4614 IMG_4615

IMG_4617 IMG_4618



We ended up staying 3 days rather than the 4 we had originally planned. A large group of teenagers, adults and unleashed dogs moved into us and were noisy until midnight, so headed out.

Melinda stayed on, John and Zoe headed to Oregon and Washington, and John and I headed on the 20 to Idaho.

The drive through Washington and then into Idaho (through Cascades) was beautiful, but very smokey because of multiple fires. We passed a Diablo Lake along the way that was very pretty.

IMG_4620 IMG_4622

IMG_4623 IMG_4625


From RaineyPass these are the pictures of the burned area.

 IMG_4629 IMG_4631

IMG_4632 IMG_4633


We continued on the 20 to Omak, then N. on the 97 to Tonasket, then East on the 20 to Kettle Falls. From Kettle Falls we took the 395 South for a short distance and then the 20 East to Pend Oreille County Fairgrounds. Very nice place, with hookups, but unfortunately we couldn’t get them. Their fair was starting the next week and all the hookup sites were taken by RVs that were brought in early to make sure they got a spot. Oh, well, it wasn’t too hot so we didn’t mind. It was really quiet with all the empty rigs!!!

The next morning we headed out on the 20 East to Priest River, Idaho. We like the Riley Creek campground and stayed here for 2 nights . We had a great site backing up to the Priest River. Again, a very quiet campground.

IMG_4635 IMG_4636

After traveling on the 20 East to Sandpoint, ID, we went on a road we had never traveled. We headed East on the 200 and spent the night at Thompson Falls State Park. Funny thing, there are no falls!!! The place was pretty empty and quiet, except a distant train noise.

From this campground we headed North on the 200 and then 90 towards Missoula, MT. It was a really scenic drive. We made a stop at Costco and headed South on the 93 to Black Rabbit RV Park in Hamilton, MT. This is a really nice park, with the nicest showers we have been in. We ate breakfast at The Coffee Cup which I found on Yelp. We had a great breakfast.

Another one of our favorite campgrounds is Wagonhammer in Salmon, ID. So, we headed on the 93 towards there. It was a very scenic drive, along a river, but kind of narrow. The owners of this campground are very friendly and it is a very nice place to stay. Their showers are even nicer than the ones at Black Rabbit, and they are free!!!! It is located right along the river, and there is a great spot for Sadie to run.


The next post will get us home to Elks in Westminister, CO.

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