Heading back home

We traveled the Klondike Highway, then the 8 East towards Taglish, and then the 1 East to Teslin Lake Yukon Government Campground.  Along the way we came across the Teslin River Bridge which is the third largest water span on the Alaska Highway. Here is where we met up with fellow LD owner, Melinda.  She will be traveling with us back into Washington.


The campsites were nicely spaced with vegetation between and they offered free wood.  The night was nice and quiet.



 From here we headed East on Highway 1, which is the AlCan, to the 37 S., which is the Cassiar.  Since we came up the AlCan we decided to go home a different route.  The Cassiar is supposed to be shorter in miles, but the beginning of it was a much slower drive – horrible road, ugly scenery, no lane lines, and no shoulder.


We headed to Boya Lake Campground, on the Cassiar.  It was a really nice, quiet, very well maintained campground.  We decided to spend 2 nights here.






Contunuing on the Cassiar we headed to Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park.  This campground was right on a lake, very level spots, and nicely separated by vegetation.  Again we decided to stay 2 nights since it was so nice.




 Along that road we came across a very cool bridge – Devil Creek Bridge.


All along the Cassiar we saw this huge electrical project.  I found out that they are constructing a 287-kilowat transmission line.  This line extends North to Dease Lake, providing power to the mining sector and local communities currently relying on diesel generators.  The 214-mile transmission line extends from the Skeena Substation near Terrace to Bob Quin Lake on the Cassiar.


From the Cassiar we took the 37A towards Steward and Hyder.  This is a 2-lane paved spur which leads 40.4 miles to Steward, BC, and then on to Hyder, Alaska.  It winds through Bear Creek Canyon into the magnificient Coast Range Mountains.  Major attractions are the Bear Glacier and Salmon Glacier.

IMG_4550 IMG_4556

We we arrived at Stewart we checked into a very nice campground called Bear River RV Park, which has a laundry, nice showers, full hookups, and free fire wood.



That night we all loaded into John/Zoe’s rig and traveled to Hyder, Alaska.  We stopped first at the Glacier Inn for fish and chips.  Then we headed to the Bear Viewing area in hopes of seeing bear, and we weren’t disappointed!!!







We left the campground the next morning via the 37A to the 37, Cassiar Highway.  We then met up with the 16 (Yellowhead Hwy) towards Prince George.  Saw some beautiful Fireweed along the road in Burns Lake.


We are spending the night at Beaumont Provincial Park at Fraser Lake.  Rather smokey from BC fires, but sites are good.




At this point Melinda decided to go ahead and meet up with us again in WA. We headed into Prince George and stopped at a inadequately supplied WalMart, Costco and Starbucks  Then back on the 97 towards our tonights stay – Stampede Campground in Williams Lake.  This is a really nice fairgrounds with showers ($1 for 8 minutes!!!!), WiFi and full hookups.




The next morning we left here under a very smokey sky – fires in BC.  We drove on the 1 towards Hope, where it is very dry and desert-like.  The next part of the 1 is very pretty, but has a very long downgrade.  You drive through beautiful scenery and 7 tunnels through Fraser Canyon – Yale, Saddle Rock, Sailor Bar, Alexandra Tunnel, Hell’s Gate Tunnel, China Bar (built in 1960 is one of longest tunnels in N. America), and the last one I couldn’t find anything about, and didn’t see.  This is also know as the Gold Rush Trail.

From here we headed to the Abbotsford border crossing to enter back into the USA.  We had a 45 minute wait, but not problems crossing back in.



We entered into Canada on 6/15/14 and entered back into the USA on 8/16/14.  From border to border we traveled 6,106 miles.

Next post will be travels back in the US.

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