Sadly left Valdez; on to Haines

We sadly left the Bear Paw II in Valdez, and headed North on the Richardson Highway. We took the Tok cutoff and ended up at Tok. We decided to stay at the Chevron Gas Station, where we previously stayed when we were in Tok.

Before leaving Tok, we went to the Sourdough Campground where they had an eat all you want sourdough pancake, sausage and drink. These were OK, but nowhere near as good as the ones from Copper Center.

Heading East on the AlCan, we came across the WORST roads we have ever driven on. 75% of the roads in the Yukon Territory were either full of frost heaves, or cement roads ground down and the rocks left on the road. We had to drive no more than 35 miles an hour.


Unfortunately the 18-wheelers drive very fast and throw up rocks and one hit our window. You can see from the picture that it was about the size of an orange and had cracks spreading out. Most definitely a new front window in our future.


We would suggest not driving through Yukon Territory and drive into Haines and take a ferry. A local Forest Ranger told us that the Yukon roads are ALWAYS torn up. You can’t believe the wear and tear on our rigs.

We stayed this night at Lake Creek Campground. The road in was not very good, but the sites were big and well separated and they had free firewood.




We left the campground by a very pothole ridden road and got back on Hwy. 1 heading towards Haines Junction.   We stopped at Village Bakery, in Haines Junction, and got a loaf of cheddar dill bread – delicious. Traveling south on Hwy. 3, towards Haines, we spent the night at Kathleen Lake Campground. This was a very well maintained campground with large sites. It was also very quiet.





Continuing on the road towards Haines, we spent the next night at Million Dollar Falls Campground. Spaces are well separated with trees and natural vegetation..We were able to have a fire here.




While there we took a ½ mile walk to see the Million Dollar Falls. There were very nice, but the ones we saw at Wells Grey were so much better.




Our next stop was Haines, Alaska. We got here and found out they had two 5.9 earthquakes last night and the fiber optics between here and Juneau was broken, so we have no cell phone service or internet. The library is the only place in town that has internet so we went there to check mail before going to our campground. We had made a reservation at Oceanside RV Park, which is centrally located on Main Street and right on the water. We heard the enthusiastic owners sometimes have crab potlucks and we are lucky – they had one the Saturday night we stayed there. We have to bring a side dish and pay $10 a person for the crab.

They bought the crabs live at the cannery and then brought them back to harbor to break in half and clean.





The crab potluck was wonderful. We each got a whole crab, and then enjoyed the potluck items everyone brought. Then Joyce (the owner) came around and gave us fresh salmon that she had cooked. It was a lot of fun and we met lots of nice people.

IMG_4325 IMG_4326 IMG_4327

After dinner I was looking out at the bay, and this is what I saw.



Next post will be our trip to Skagway.

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