Still in BC but getting closer to Alaska

On June 18 we left Lac La Hache and headed North on the 97. As we were driving along we saw a black bear, then further on 2 more black bears with a cub. We were moving too quickly for me to get a picture.

IMG_3501 IMG_3500



As we were driving along the 97 we were impressed with the yellow daisies growing wild alongside the road.


Our next destination was Crooked River Provincial Park. There were lots of mosquitos and the Ranger told us this is the month for them; come July they will be gone.



We went to Chetwynd to do our laundry and what a shock. It was $6 (Canadian) to wash, and 25 cents (Canadian) for 3 minutes drying time. It took quite a long time because the person in charge of the laundromat was using all of the dryers but 2. As we were going to the Visitor Center we came across the chainsaw carvings for which the town is famous . They were unbelievable. The Visitor Center told us last week they had the chainsaw competition and would be putting those new figures out and moving the older ones around the town.

IMG_0850 IMG_3521



After doing our laundry we drove to Moberly Lake Provincial Park just outside of Chetwynd. It was very beautiful and quiet but there were still some mosquitos.

IMG_3534 Road to Moberly LakeIMG_3535 Road to Moberly LakeIMG_3536Road to Moberly Lake

Continuing on the 97 we headed to Dawson Creek, which is Mile 0 for the Alaskan Highway. We stopped at the Visitor Center and took these pictures, thinking this marked Mile 0.




But then we found out that a marker in town really was the official Mile 0 marker so we got a picture of it, as well.


From Dawson Creek we caught the Official Alaskan Highway and headed northwest. We spent the night at Charlie Lake Provincial Park, north of St. John. The lake was really nowhere near the campground, and because it was a Friday it got very busy. It was relatively quiet except for the slight road noise.



It stays light really late, until almost 11:00 pm and it is light again very early in the morning. So John/Zoe and John and I decided to head out at 7:30 and drive until 2:00 which is a good stopping point before most travelers stop, so we get a camping spot. The drive along the Alaskan Highway is long and rather repetitious. You can see from the pictures what we saw all day long. Driving along we saw off to the side of the road a wolf and further along a moose. Once again we were traveling too fast for me to get a picture.

IMG_3544 IMG_3545

That night we pulled into the Tetsa River Recreational Area for the night. Lots of mosquitos but overlooks the river and imagine my surprise when John called me out to bring my camera.

IMG_3554 IMG_3552 IMG_3558

This campground is the first one to give free firewood which makes John happy – he can finally have a campfire. They want 8 dollars a bundle up here at all the other campgrounds.

 IMG_3550 IMG_3549

Next post Yukon Territory and finally ALASKA!!!!!

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