Gros Ventre Continues

Another LD joined our group – Jim. M.  He parked right next to us.  It was good to see he and Chica again.  Jim, John and I went to the Farmers Market in downtown Jackson and it was fabulous.  They had booths with pies, vegetables, fruit, Bison meat, bread, flowers, and many other things.  There were lots of people walking around and visiting.  This is held every Saturday during the summer months and we will definitely be here every Saturday.  I got tomatoes that tasted fresh off the vines, and blueberries that you would swear were just picked.




Besides the 5 Lazy Daze parking together we had a few other uninvited guests.



Jane and Ron’s grand daughter Ally has been with them going hiking and kayaking with us, and biking with Jane.  But, unfortunately, she had to head back to AZ for school.  So on her way to the airport we went to the Jackson Lake Lodge and had a farewell lunch with Ally. Great lunch and beautiful views.

IMG_0411 IMG_0412


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