Surprise when we got home, and improvements in Lazy Daze

After traveling 5,000 miles on our recent trip to Canada, and hearing about bears everywhere, and never seeing one.  You won’t believe what we saw walking at the back of our property – a bear!!!!


Just before we left for our trip to Canada, John installed new hardwood floors (Pergo) in our Lazy Daze and I love them.  We vacuum them, damp mop them and they are good as new.  John refused to install them for the longest time, but now we have them he can’t believe he didn’t want them.


When we got home we made a few other improvements in our rig – new satellite, new tires, new brakes on the back of the rig, and installation of a new converter with a Smart Charger.  John did the installation of the satellite, the new Dish controllers, the inverter, and the tires.  We had a family owned repair place in Castle Rock, CO install the new brakes (we had 92,000 miles on the LD and these are the first brake replacements we have done).

John removed the Winegard satellite that came with the LD and installed a new HD Dish Trav’ler satellite (took 3 tries to get one that worked), a Dish HD receiver VIP211K (that we bought at Camping World), a GForce/3 Hard Drive since that is the only way to make the receiver useable as a DVR, and a INIIVO 301 BN HDMI Switch, which controls which HDMI cord the TV is playing from at the time.  We also bought a Sony Blu-Ray Dish Player BDP-S3100, which John installed.  I signed up for a Pay-as-you-Go plan with Dish which allows us to turn it on/off without any charges, when we are home.  You can see in the second picture the setup of the receiver, Blu Ray player, switcher and hard drive.

IMG_2845 IMG_2841

We bought 6 new tires at Costco and John put them on the LD.


And the last thing we did was have John install a new converter with the Smart Charger.

I think we have done everything we had planned to do.  Now we are just waiting around until July 22 when we head for Gros Ventre.