Gros Ventre, here we come

We left Bakers Hole and traveled into Yellowstone National Park on the John D. Rockefeller Memorial Highway (US 191).  We would never want to stay in the Park because of the crowds.  The scenery, however, is well worth the drive.  And, Sadie was right there in the passenger seat watching everything go by.


IMG_2759 IMG_2778


IMG_2761 IMG_2766 IMG_2769

We continued on the 191 and entered Grand Tetons National Park on our way to Gros Ventre, where we spent time with our LD friends, Jane/Ron, Ken F., Dave/Sandy, and Bruce/Jan.  The weather was nice, we got our favorite spot (at half price with Golden Age pass), and saw buffalo and moose.










We stayed at Gros Ventre for 2 days and then drove home on a route we had never taken before, and will probably never take again.  We drove out of the park via Moran Junction and then drove on the 26 through Wyoming to Casper, where we spent the night.  This was another Passport America campground called Fort Casper, but it was big and noisey. We would never stay there again.  Much of the road was boring, but right out of Riverton, we saw some beautiful scenery.

IMG_2837 IMG_2834 IMG_2831 IMG_2828 IMG_2826

We then decided to drive all the way home the next day, passing through Cheyenne, WY and then Fort Collins, CO.

We left home on May 12 and got home on June 19 – 39 days on the road.  It was good to be home.  This will be the last post until we head out again the end of July.

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