Icefields Parkway from Banff to Jasper

We left Lake Louise via the Icefields Parkway and what a road for awesome scenery.  The road itself is not in the greatest condition, but the view makes up for it.   All along the route were rivers of the prettiest, aqua color and flowing so quickly.   We stopped at Bridal Falls and walked off the road a little and saw an unbelievable falls.



Traveling further on the Icefields Parkway we came across the icefield, formed by glacier, where huge buses take you to the top and you can walk around.  The glacier has receeded from the road so you can’t very well walk onto the icefield.  The day was cloudy and rainy so we didn’t get a great view of the tops of the mountains, but we can just imagine what a magnificient view it would be if the day had been clear.



Further along the road we came to Sunwapta Falls .  This falls had huge amounts of water flowing under a bridge, then gushing out the other side to continue on its route to where ever it goes.



After driving 144 miles we ended up at the Jasper/Whistler Campground.  It is a very nice, quite campground, but quite large.  There are huge trees all through the campground and we saw a couple Elk (they had babies but we didn’t see them).

We walked around in downtown Jasper and used their free WiFi (it wasn’t very good, though).



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